Dayton Ohio College Scholarship
College Scholarship University Scholarship

Participating K-12 Schools

The participating schools sign a contract that pledges they will assist in the promotion of the program and the recruitment of students who apply; provide a school based contact person to serve as a liaison to the College Promise Program; support the mentoring program; and provide ongoing academic and disciplinary information about each student.

College and University Attendance

Each College Promise student who fulfills their pledge will earn a scholarship opportunity to attend Sinclair Community College or the Miami Regionals to earn an Associate’s Degree. Those who successfully complete their Associate’s Degree will earn a scholarship to Central State University, Miami University, Wilmington College, or Wright State University to earn their Bachelor’s Degree. On a competetive basis, students can earn a 4-year scholarship from Denison University, Kettering College, and the University of Dayton.

Alliances with Additional Universities

Alliances with additional University Partners will have the potential to be developed so that the scope of our program and opportunities for students can be enhanced.